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Lawyer since 1995 and since 2007 in the Court of Cassation, he was first classified in the professional qualification exam of the Court of Appeal of Perugia and was first classified at the annual Master “De Franceschi” organized by the Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) ) in the field of international trade.

He carries out his professional activity in Italy (with reference to public contracts, public and private partnerships, project finance) and abroad (with particular regard to contract activity in the construction sector).

He is registered in the Register of Reliable Lawyers of RFI, of ABB, of GENERAL ELETTRIC Transportation System s.p.a, and is the legal representative in the field of public contracts of ANIE, ASSUFIO-FEDERLEGNO, CNA constructions;

He is President of the “Towards Europe” Foundation for the study of European public procurement;

He is a member of the Company Law Committee of the National Forensic Council within the CCBE (Council of the Order of European Lawyers);

He is a member of the team of legal experts of the BOCCONI University’s Public Real Estate Management Knowledge Center;

He teaches the master in public works and public and private partnerships of SDA BOCCONI;

He was Assistant to the Italian Representative in the “Advisory Committee on the Opening-up of Public Procurement” (Advisory Committee on Public Procurement of the European Commission);

He has been a technical member of the Confindustria Infrastructure Commission as well as a consultant to the Director General;

He was a member of the Board of the University of Perugia;

He was a member of the Steering Committee of the Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia Foundation;

He was a member of the Administrative Technical Advisory Committee for Public Works of the Umbria Region.

She graduated from the Liceo classico with 60/60, she graduated in law with 110 cum laude, she is a civil lawyer since 1995 and since 2007 she has been a patron of the Court of Cassation.

She has collaborated, carrying out research activities, at the Department of Private Law Institutions at the University of Perugia and she has been assigned the teaching of civil law at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Perugia.

She was Editor of the Giuridica Umbra Review, directed by Prof. Goffredo Zuddas, for which she also wrote several notes in sentence, she participated in the preparation of the series “The private law in the jurisprudence” edited by Cendon (UTET 1998) and the series “The new contracts in civil and commercial practice” curated by Cendon (UTET 2003).

She was a member of the Order of Lawyers of Perugia, with the position of treasurer and member of the Judicial Council at the Court of Appeal of Perugia, on the appointment of the National Council of Forensics.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the “Lorenzo Migliorini” School of Specialization for Legal Professions at the University of Perugia.

A civil lawyer since 2007, he deals mainly with national and international contracts and civil litigation in the field of tenders, addressing cases of particular complexity and economic relevance in the context of study relationships with leading national and multinational companies and organizations.

With particular reference to international contracts, he assisted leading Italian design and construction companies to define partnership and contract contracts with foreign entities in the context of participation in tenders and the execution of works.

He speaks and writes fluently in English

Administrative lawyer since 1997 has been a patron in the Supreme Court since 2012.

She carries out his professional activity mainly in the field of public contracts and contracts, offering assistance in the judicial field (before the Regional Administrative Courts throughout the national territory, as well as before the Council of State and other higher magistrates) and out-of-court for all disputes concerning in particular for works, services and supplies contracts; concessions, project financing; co-design.

She has carried out technical legal support for the activities of the OR for various Municipalities, also with regard to the co-planning procedure concerning the associated management of the assignments of social services.

She has been a consultant for the Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Umbria for the preparation of invitations to tender for tenders and administrative management of the various stages of the tender procedures.

She has been the author of publications on public cultural heritage contracts
He has held lectures in specialist training courses on public procurement

She graduated in law with a mark of 110 cum laude and was a civil lawyer since 1997 and has been a patron of the Court of Cassation since 2012. He works at the Rome office and follows the judgments before the higher magistrates on behalf of the study. He attended the specialization course in civil law and collaborated with the Higher School of Advocacy.

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